Raining in style!


Raining in style!

Confession – This is actually a really sad post. It is in honor of the boots that never were. See, one day I was continuing my usual stalking of Sarah Vickers via Classy Girls Wear Pearls and I saw these. They were a combination of my two favorite things. Sperry and Quilt. (Top, third from the left). Therefore I had to have them. Naturally being the Budget Prep I am I sought the best deal and found them via Amazon/Shoebuy for $75 dollars. Win!

Unfortunately when they arrived I couldn’t my big old Johnson feet AND Nancy’s socks in the boots. And this just would not do. So I did what I’ve always dreaded doing… I ordered up a size, to an 11. Yikes! Sasquatch. Anyways, unfortunately when they came then they were too big. So in honor of the boots that never were I made a collection of the perfect way to dress up a rainy day.

Starting from the top upper-left-hand-corner.

The  Hunter Classic – Nothing is better, and I am pretty sure Ms. Middleton has been spotted wearing these, a lot. Also they have pint-sized versions for the children in your life that are worth $80 rain boots. All children.

The Burberry – I featured these twice. I have a severe unrequited love for Burberry. Nancy (my grandma) a few years ago non-chalantly handed down her vintage silk Burberry scarf to me… and I was hooked. Of course she also confessed at the same time that she had just thrown out her old Burberry Trench from the ’60s. Naturally, I died.

Sperry Hingham Boot – Described above. They have this delicious felt interior as well to keep my Chicago toes toasty.

(going clockwise…)

Tretorn Short – I LOVE Tretorn. Currently my rain boots are a bright-red-knee-high Tretorn and they are amazing. They also don’t cut off the circulation to my feet and I can fit in jeans/pants because of the adjustable sides.

Regardless, I secretly LOVE rainy days. Probably has something to do with being an April baby.

Happy Puddles!



Target + Nautical = Happy Manders

Target Goes Nautical
Have you ever gone to Target for one thing? Correction… I’m sorry, let me rephrase… Have you ever gone to Target for one thing and left with a million things you actually had no idea that you needed but then suddenly found that you did? This was my recent experience at The Gypsy Woman that is Target. I went in to get some final things for the Bridal Shower/Bachelorette and ended up with the above. There are very few things that I love more than nautical patterns; one of these things is nautical patterns at a decent price. (See above). These are SO going in my suitcase for PCH!

Wish List

Wish List

As I have already mentioned… studying for the Bar exam is probably the must excruciating experience I have ever been a part of… Seriously, ever. But the GOOD news is that the sooner I pass the Bar… the sooner I can get a job… and the sooner I can begin checking things off this baby…
  1. Ray Ban Shades. Yes, I own the Target ones. No it is not the same thing. I have had the same D&G Audrey Hepburn glasses since… sophomore year of college (which really… is a record…). But I REALLY want to be sporting some wayfarers. And not just the neon ones you get at sorority formals.
  2. Faith western cowgirl boots. Okay so this is not necessarily a cost thing. They are just SOLD OUT of my size. So I am hoping by wishing to the WordPress and kind of freaking out a bit that they will magically be in stock again. Because that would make me happy.
  3. Diamond Studs. I WANT THESE. For graduation it was between getting diamond studs or this set of stackable diamond rings we found at our local jeweler. It seemed liked, for the money, getting the rings was smarter because – holy crap – studs are expensive! That of course makes me want them all the more.
  4. Barbour Jacket. When my dear friend Wendy started a Boutique in Ann Arbor a year and a half ago she was all “Barbour this… Barbour that…” And me, being of brought up solely on Lilly and Tommy Hilfiger stock had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Well now I do. And I want it. I found this baby on Sarah Vicker’s New Blog. I really really love this girl… Which is why…
  5. Pink Pineapple Anchor Sweater. I’m assuming most people by now know who Kiel James Patrick is. (Sarah Vicker’s Boyfriend). Anyway, they just started carrying Sarah’s favorite sweaters. And I want. So badly. Specifically this anchor one.
  6. Christian Louboutin Flats. So being as I am 5’10, the hooker height of heels that our good buddy Christian creates is really unnecessary. So all I want is a nice flat from them… Who am I kidding. I would take anything with a red sole.
  7. Burberry Tote. I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Because everyone knows my obsession with Burberry. It all stemmed from my Grandma Nancy nonchalantly giving me her vintage silk burberry scarf. And then mentioning she had just got rid of her old trenchcoat from the 50’s. I know, you’re probably dying too.
  8. Joe’s Jeans. LOVE the idea of these. Hate the price. Gap jeans are actually my best bet due to the fact that I inherited my mother’s abs and my father’s legs. Love them. But I would also love to invest in a really nice pair of jeans one day. Special Occasion Jeans. SOJ if you will.

Signing off! Studying to do!



Dressing for warmth…

Dressing for warmth...

J Crew j crew coat

I am a weather addict. I love checking the weather, I love knowing the weather, and for one semester in college I even pretended to learn about the weather. (Cumulo…. Cumulo… Cumulo… Thunder.) Anyway, last night as I was heading up to Evanston for the evening I checked the weather (as usual) to see what coat I should sport. (I also have an addiction to outerwear). I looked at the weather… and the forecast for today was FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES. Translated into non-Chicagoan terms; pretty-freakin-warm. (Especially for January). So I gleefully threw on my Red J Crew Coat (which I got as a STEAL at a Black Friday sale two years ago) and headed outside.
Unfortunately, I had just checked the weather for today not last night… or this morning… which had a windchill of about -100 degrees. (Approximation). Needless to say by the time I got to my destination in Evanston my hands were frozen to my Whole Foods bag and the burgers inside had ice on them.
Lesson 1: always check the weather of the next day AND all of the hours you’ll be outside.
I got this Lands’ End Shimmer Down Coat for $60 – because I am a sale stalker and also Lands’ End has some of the best customer service I have ever heard of. (Ex. I called because I had paid $120 and it went on sale the next day… When I called a human picked up… Not after four menus… or punching zero until my finger bled… as soon as I dialed. I was totally shocked and she started laughing and said a lot of people have to call back because they aren’t ready and expect to have to wait for 15 minutes. Lesson 2: Lands’ End has the best customer service ever).
Anyway this is by far THE WARMEST jacket ever. It also resembles The North Face’s Arctic Parka… oh minus the $200 price difference. It has a fur hood, fur collar (both removable), and FLEECE POCKETS. Yes. You heard me… with little spaces to put handwarmers. Sigh. Those could have come in handy when I still had fingers. The jacket is currently on sale for $80 and I highly suggest investing in it… immediately.