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Okay, before I start this – I have a huge confession. We don’t have cable (we’re poor), so we have to rely on Netflix and my big monthly splurge – Hulu Plus. Anyway, ever since I passed the Bar (yay!) and started my part-time job I have not had anything to do when I get home! I went right from College to Law School – so I have had homework basically for the past 24 years. It has been a bit of an adjustment. But there has been a lot of baking, a lot of cleaning – and here is where my confession comes – a whole lot of Whitney Port. Seriously, why did they ever cancel The City? So much dramz. I love it. But really – I don’t get the Jay thing – Gretchen Weiner said it right “That’s why her hair so big… It’s full of secrets.”

At work I share an office with three other wonderful ladies, but our desks themselves are very drab. And they needed some funky additions. I was on C. Wonder looking for a gift for Natalie and I found this…

I don’t actually like orange very much. But for some reason I think this looks really sophisticated. I think it might be intended to be a drink tray or food tray. But I’m practical, therefore, it is a folder tray! Even better – it was $24.99 (+25% off!) what a steal!

I also have been craving a new pencil holder. Currently my pencil holder at work is a snowman pail. Needless to say, I needed an upgrade. I found Lime Tree Gifts. I am pretty sure Jill is my Etsy soul mate. She is absolutely amazing – and was willing to work with my big order. (My co-worker joined in on the upgrade parade). This is what we ended up with…

Everything looks SO nice – and it was very reasonably priced. The pencil holder was only $10 (including monogram!), the tray (which is actually a really nice larger size) was $14 and the little mini tray was $8!! Such a steal for something that looks so nice and put-together. So here is what my new ensemble looks like…

I love it! And I think it also kind of goes with the whole color-blocking style that is going on this summer, and also purple and orange look great! But back to Lime Tree Gifts… I already have a LONG wish list of things I will order if (hopefully when!) I get a full time job… (click on the picture to link back to their shop!)

1. 20 oz Insulated Acrylic Tumbler – $16.50, I drink more water than anyone I know (save Martha) I am currently sipping out of a normal water bottle… which is not nearly as cool as a personalized tumbler. 🙂

2. Acrylic Candy Jar – $12.50, One of the ladies at work always has candy in her office. So whenever I am having a bad day I will head to her office, grab a Starburst and chat – I am sure it doesn’t do wonders for her productivity, but it is appreciated on my end!

3. Acrylic Soap Dispenser – $10.00, Germs freak the heck out of me. ‘Nuff said.

4. Napkin Holder – $10.00, So I may not have napkins at work… but I think this could be a really nice letter holder! From the stuff I have received from Lime Tree the acrylic is super sturdy and I think it would look beautiful!

5. Recipe Box – $32.00, I don’t even need to explain why this is awesome.

6. Divided Catch All – $15.00, Paperclips? Check. Pushpins? Check. Binder clips? Check. Places for all = a happy OCD Amanda.

So this basically turned out as an ode to Lime Tree Gifts… but I love them! Go shop at their store and contact Jill if you want to do a bulk order – she has an incredibly fast response. Basically she’s awesome.

Happy Office-ing!


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how to dress comfortably…

As the Bar draws nearer and nearer I find myself caring less and less how I am presenting myself to the outside world. The only opinion that currently matters to me is the Illinois Bar Examiners. And I highly doubt they care what shoes I am wearing. (Actually, they do… “Please do not wear footwear that makes loud or distracting noise when you walk.”) Anyway, I have always been complimented on my way to dress up comfortable. One time in college a girl from my sorority ran into me wearing sweatpants and she found it necessary to call three of our mutual friends to tell them. They all followed up within ten minutes to make sure I was feeling okay. Actually, I wasn’t – but the point is – I like to present myself!!! But I also like to be really comfortable. So here we are… “How to dress comfortably… (without looking like a hobo).”

  • Zella Leggings – These leggings will legitimately blow your mind. I have had my current pair for three years and I can still bend over and not show the world my purple bunders. (We have all seen it happen – leggings weaken ladies, in case you didn’t know, I’m sure everyone around you does.) These are expensive – but worth EVERY penny.
  • Party Cardy – So this one is from J.Crew and ridiculously expensive (but it’s caaaashmere). Just go to Gap (like I did) and get a cardigan that you can wash. (But be weary of violent-button-ripping-laundry-machines).
  • Nice T-Shirt – This t-shirt is what $75? Do yourself a favor and go to the Gap and pick up 6 shirts for this. Seriously. All of the T’s in my closet are Gap… I should actually be somewhat embarrassed the ratio of Gap/non-Gap clothing in my closet. But they seem to always have the best selection – and I love their V-Necks!
  • Sperry Top-Siders – I am forever in love with these shoes. First of all – warning to the Sperry-first-timers  – these babies might make you bleed at first, but the pain is worth it. Because eventually they mold to your feet like a good pair of Birkenstocks – without the Hippie vibe. I have been a little disappointed with their lack of solid colors – they seem to mixing prints a lot – but these golds are amazing!
  • Monogrammed Earrings – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these – right now I have plain silver monogrammed earrings – but after the Bar I might just have to treat myself to these. You should definitely check out this website btw, a TON of cute things – and very very reasonable prices!
  • Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf – I think the most important thing to making comfy look awesome is wearing something that catches the eye – and by that I do not mean sweatpants with holes! 🙂 I have a Murfee scarf (as well as about 12 pashminas) and I love that I can just throw them on with anything and it gives my outfit the nicest touch of color. Plus, it’s Lilly, you really cannot go wrong.

8 Days til the Bar!!!



It’s in the bag…

It's in the bag...
Yesterday while I was lugging around my suitcase (read: purse)… I was thinking to myself… WHAT ON EARTH DO I HAVE IN THIS THING?! As I started Marry Poppinsing down the rabbit hole that is my tote I discovered that, embarassingly enough, I actually need all of the things in this bag. What on earth do men do with only pockets?!
I can almost see Murse justification now…
I am not sure if there is a woman under 30 left in the world without one of these – but in case there is. Buy one. Now. I have had this one since senior year of college (2009) and yes… it is showing a bit of love in the corners… but it has traveled EVERYWHERE with me. Also, I bet you noticed that little monogram and thought… I didn’t know that was possible!!! Trust me, if there is a way to monogram something… I will find it. Saks offers monogramming off of their website. (Link above)
This is another trusty piece of happiness in my purse. I have had this baby since senior year of high school… read: 2005. I also have a Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Case which I switch between bags. The point is, everyone needs a pencil case. And since carrying around a caboodle is no longer as awesome as it used to be. You might as well wear one in style.
No, I do not use this for coins because (a) I don’t drive through tolls every day and (b) my grandpa, George, is the only man I have ever seen carry a coin pouch and I am just not plain as cool as him. I, however, DO stuff this little pouch with a whole lot of chapstick/lipstick/VS gloss. It makes it easier to transfer from purse to purse… Another thing I’ve had for over four years.
No, I am not “planning a family.” Yes, I have too many commitments for a normal planner to ever suffice. This planner comes with a perforated list section. (Yes, you heard that right). You can also get it monogrammed, which naturally… I do. I also have it in purple instead of this aqua color. I love eggplant. I have owned this planner (mind you in different years) since college and it has never failed me.
(5) Coffee Mug
Mine is actually from Caribou but they do not have it online. I used to always stop at the Dunkins’ on my way to work/class/whatever. Then I realized I was spending $2/day on coffee… or $10/week… which is $520 a year. Now I buy bulk coffee from Sam’s and set it on my nifty coffee maker. Total cost $32/year. (Not including the coffee maker – obviously). A HUGE savings. And plus, it keeps it warm literally all day!
(6) Kindle with Vera Bradley and Amazon Cover
I absolutely LOVE my kindle. The only thing I truly miss is being able to strike up conversations with strangers about books they are reading, and that feeling of being accomplished after turning the last page. However, after carrying around law books for the past three years it was nice to just throw it in my bag and go. I have two covers because (1) my momma got me the VB one – and i love it and (2) the Amazon cover comes with a light!!
Going along with my refusal to buy coffee… I also try (emphasis on try) to pack my lunch every day. Since I am studying for the Bar right now, anything that could possibly use up my time (i.e. waiting in a lunch line) is simply not worth it. So I bring it!! This carrier is great, I got it on sale at Rue LaLa. (Disclaimer: an apple rarely makes it into my lunch… a cookie? Always).
Apparently now they only have black… (so boring) but this is by far one of my favorite wallets I have ever had! It has a coin purse (which is so convenient for throwing things in when you’re in a hurry) plus a ton of room for cards/frequent punchers etc.
So that’s what is “in the bag!” I guess this served as a mildly good introduction to who I am… monogram crazy but also slightly affordable…
There is much more to come!