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Lulu Lemon Maternity Clothes

Cover Photo Lulu Lemon Maternity

This was one of my first searches after finding out I was pregnant with Harriet in 2015. I am an absolute sucker for anything Lulu Lemon. Their quality is unmatched and they always stand behind their product. While they don’t technically have Maternity clothing – here are the items that lasted me through my entire nine months of pregnancy (and beyond!)


Skinny Groove

Lulu does NOT always carry these pants. And when they do you have to stock up! I wore these into the hospital when I went into labor with Harriet. And I also wore a different pair in the same size out of the hospital. That is how resilient they are. I wore both pairs after pregnancy, and now into this pregnancy. They stretch to accommodate your growing body (not just belly – trust me on this one) and bounce back with a proper wash. I have owned one pair of Skinny Grooves for four years, and one for three years.


Throw Back Pant

These are very similar to my “Groove Pant” which it appears they no longer have online. Very similar to the story above. I wore them throughout my entire pregnancy and after. My Groove Pants have been in my closet rotation since 2015.


Tracker Short

True story – I never wore shorts. Ever. I walked into a Lulu Lemon about four years ago with my mom to buy her a pair of leggings. The lady asked if she could help me find anything. The fact is I could never find shorts that fit both my (athletic) legs and (smaller) waste without riding up/being uncomfortable in general. She took my challenge and I now own three pairs of these shorts. I will also add I have had all three of these pairs for at least three years.


Power Y Tank

This was a newer purchase for me, and I now own two colors. One of the things I absolutely love about Lulu is how long all of their tops are. They can cover that growing bump with no effort. I did have a tank that my belly hung out of… and I maybe didn’t realize it until I had already walked three miles in public… but I am not including it on this list. One of my favorite things about the Power Y and Power Pose tanks are that they are NURSING FRIENDLY. Hell yes. I would wear these for air travel when Harriet was still nursing. They are stretchy enough to just pull down the selected side and nurse without exposing yourself more than you feel comfortable. Additionally there is a bit of compression, which feels so good on that growing tummy.


Power Pose Tank

The Power Pose Tank does not have quite the compression of the Power Y but it is equally long, flattering, and nursing friendly.


Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

All of the Swiftly Tech products I have owned are (1) long and (2) resilient. They carried me through nine months of pregnancy and back. I have multiple colors in these styles. (Mom tip – go for a darker color, they last longer).


Swiftly Tech Racerback

Same benefits, for hotter weather.


Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew

This is my favorite for hiking with Harriet during the summer. We received this Deuter hiking backpack as a gift from my aunt. I didn’t love having the straps directly on my shoulder, and this gave me lots of air flow while protecting my shoulders.

The proof is in the pudding y’all…

Skinny Grooves at 36 Weeks…


and the day I went into Labor… (39 weeks and 5 days…)


Tracker Shorts at 31 weeks…