Personal Days

This Bar exam stuff absolutely stinks. I feel like for the past two months there has been ONE thing on my mind. And it is all consuming – from the dreadful failure dreams to the bad days at practice questions. There has been one focus for the past couple months and it hasn’t been me, Charlie, my family, my friends, or Walter. And I hate it. I LOVE taking care of other people and always being available as a friend. But between a recital, graduation, planning a Bachelorette and Shower for one of my besties and the Bar exam. I am just COOKED. (Pun. Intended.)

Today at the library I was looking over my Federal Rules of Civil Procedure notes over… and over… and over again. When I realized… nothing was clicking. Not because I didn’t get it… but my brain… it was full! And in the meantime people were texting me/emailing me/calling me. (Which I totally love!) And I realized… it was time for a personal day.

So I closed up shop and headed home to do what I’ve actually been wanting to do for the past two weeks. Which is clean my freakin’ apartment. And I did just that… 🙂

I also ate some delicious mousse (picture and recipe to come) and did my laundry. (FINALLY).

My brother’s job allows him a certain number of personal days. And I think this is genius. For Type-A personalities like me, I will not take a sick day just to do laundry and scamper around… but a personal day? Heck yes!!

So to end my personal day I am heading up to Evanston to go out to dinner with the bride-to-be! Then I’m going to watch a movie/FNL/Frasier with Charlie and I am going to sleep. (Okay so maybe I’ll do a few practice questions.) Walter will be by himself tonight 😦 but my wonderful neighbor is coming over to give him a belly rub and play a game of fetch.

It is possible to stress yourself out through too much one-track-focus. I really believe that…

So here’s to personal days… but may this be the last one until March 1st… Please.