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how to dress comfortably…

As the Bar draws nearer and nearer I find myself caring less and less how I am presenting myself to the outside world. The only opinion that currently matters to me is the Illinois Bar Examiners. And I highly doubt they care what shoes I am wearing. (Actually, they do… “Please do not wear footwear that makes loud or distracting noise when you walk.”) Anyway, I have always been complimented on my way to dress up comfortable. One time in college a girl from my sorority ran into me wearing sweatpants and she found it necessary to call three of our mutual friends to tell them. They all followed up within ten minutes to make sure I was feeling okay. Actually, I wasn’t – but the point is – I like to present myself!!! But I also like to be really comfortable. So here we are… “How to dress comfortably… (without looking like a hobo).”

  • Zella Leggings – These leggings will legitimately blow your mind. I have had my current pair for three years and I can still bend over and not show the world my purple bunders. (We have all seen it happen – leggings weaken ladies, in case you didn’t know, I’m sure everyone around you does.) These are expensive – but worth EVERY penny.
  • Party Cardy – So this one is from J.Crew and ridiculously expensive (but it’s caaaashmere). Just go to Gap (like I did) and get a cardigan that you can wash. (But be weary of violent-button-ripping-laundry-machines).
  • Nice T-Shirt – This t-shirt is what $75? Do yourself a favor and go to the Gap and pick up 6 shirts for this. Seriously. All of the T’s in my closet are Gap… I should actually be somewhat embarrassed the ratio of Gap/non-Gap clothing in my closet. But they seem to always have the best selection – and I love their V-Necks!
  • Sperry Top-Siders – I am forever in love with these shoes. First of all – warning to the Sperry-first-timers  – these babies might make you bleed at first, but the pain is worth it. Because eventually they mold to your feet like a good pair of Birkenstocks – without the Hippie vibe. I have been a little disappointed with their lack of solid colors – they seem to mixing prints a lot – but these golds are amazing!
  • Monogrammed Earrings – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these – right now I have plain silver monogrammed earrings – but after the Bar I might just have to treat myself to these. You should definitely check out this website btw, a TON of cute things – and very very reasonable prices!
  • Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf – I think the most important thing to making comfy look awesome is wearing something that catches the eye – and by that I do not mean sweatpants with holes! 🙂 I have a Murfee scarf (as well as about 12 pashminas) and I love that I can just throw them on with anything and it gives my outfit the nicest touch of color. Plus, it’s Lilly, you really cannot go wrong.

8 Days til the Bar!!!


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Date Night!

Again – this Bar stuff is literally the biggest time-sucker I have ever experienced in my life. So when Charlie suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate my Law School graduation I gleefully accepted, and scheduled it for about a month after I actually graduated. I am really trying to limit my social outings – because there is always studying to do. (This is being drafted while I’m eating lunch.)

 Anyway we settled on Jack’s on Halsted, which is AMAZING by the way. Charlie had some man-steak and I had the pork with maple mashed sweet potatoes. Yes you read that right, and yes I have a picture…It was so stinkin’ delicious!!!

They also had these cute little napkin man-shirts. I took an adorable picture of Charlie, but I think he would be highly unamused if I put it on here. Anyway… FASHION.

I LOVE dressing up, really, I do. And I guess I have a very 50’s prep style – I love high-waisted almost anything, especially skirts. So tonight I decided red would be my focal color (the color of passion right?). Anyway I sported my red-deal coat as well as an Ann Taylor skirt that I couldn’t find online – but it was polka dotted!

The ballet flats are my FAVORITE – they are from Born, and I have had them for what seems like forever. I feel like I always get a new pair of black ballet flats that stretch out/get a hole in them/lose them while crossing the street and then I find these in the back of my closet. Super trusty and durable. The bangle is from Kate Spade, (Charlie’s Christmas Present :-)), and I have had that Pandora since high school I think. The Skagen watch I have again, had forever. Last but not least those beautiful diamond studs? Totally fake, got them off of Groupon Goods. They’re actually Swarovski Zirconia, and they look just like the real thing!!!

Happy Dating!



Dressing for warmth…

Dressing for warmth...

J Crew j crew coat

I am a weather addict. I love checking the weather, I love knowing the weather, and for one semester in college I even pretended to learn about the weather. (Cumulo…. Cumulo… Cumulo… Thunder.) Anyway, last night as I was heading up to Evanston for the evening I checked the weather (as usual) to see what coat I should sport. (I also have an addiction to outerwear). I looked at the weather… and the forecast for today was FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES. Translated into non-Chicagoan terms; pretty-freakin-warm. (Especially for January). So I gleefully threw on my Red J Crew Coat (which I got as a STEAL at a Black Friday sale two years ago) and headed outside.
Unfortunately, I had just checked the weather for today not last night… or this morning… which had a windchill of about -100 degrees. (Approximation). Needless to say by the time I got to my destination in Evanston my hands were frozen to my Whole Foods bag and the burgers inside had ice on them.
Lesson 1: always check the weather of the next day AND all of the hours you’ll be outside.
I got this Lands’ End Shimmer Down Coat for $60 – because I am a sale stalker and also Lands’ End has some of the best customer service I have ever heard of. (Ex. I called because I had paid $120 and it went on sale the next day… When I called a human picked up… Not after four menus… or punching zero until my finger bled… as soon as I dialed. I was totally shocked and she started laughing and said a lot of people have to call back because they aren’t ready and expect to have to wait for 15 minutes. Lesson 2: Lands’ End has the best customer service ever).
Anyway this is by far THE WARMEST jacket ever. It also resembles The North Face’s Arctic Parka… oh minus the $200 price difference. It has a fur hood, fur collar (both removable), and FLEECE POCKETS. Yes. You heard me… with little spaces to put handwarmers. Sigh. Those could have come in handy when I still had fingers. The jacket is currently on sale for $80 and I highly suggest investing in it… immediately.