tuesday crush: rifle paper co.

(1) Assorted Hello Cards (2) Whimsical Calling Cards (3) Thank You Notes (4) 2012 Botanical Calendar (5) Party Dots Invitations (6) Get It Done Notepad (7) Recipe Card (8) Happy Birthday Card

ONE WEEK UNTIL THE BAR EXAM. Insert heart attack/panic attack/anxiety/stress-baking/ohemgoodness. My posts are going to DRAMATICALLY decline over the next week – think of it as a super mysterious hiatus – in actuality I will not be showering nor practicing any other sort of personal hygiene and will most likely be completely out of my mind. Against – mysterious hiatus.

I LOVE stationery. I love stationery and I love paper products. So naturally, I love Rifle Paper Co. Here are some of my favorites… (It’s a condensed Tuesday Crush – did I mention in one week I’m taking the biggest exam of my life?)

Happy Writing!