Yesterday and Tomorrow

Costco recently had Ritz Crackers on sale. Because clearly we all need 15 rolls of Ritz Crackers. 12 rolls later and I am praying they disappear.

I fell in love with a pair of Warby Parkers. Cannot wait to get my prescription so I can be hip like the cool kids.

Last weekend we went to LA to see friends who were in town and celebrate a bride-to-be. We went out to brunch and I was served one waffle for fifteen dollars. I now understand how everyone in LA is skinny.

The Birks did not  work out, but I am forever in love with Ecco’s Summer Flat. Need to buy it in black ASAP. It is like a hug on my foot. Any suggestions for comfy sandals?

I am now backpack scoping for the honeymoon. I’m thinking a small Vera Bradley backpack? I like that it has a hidden zipper. But then I found out Longchamp makes backpacks too. So… come on!

Really wish I had known about this four years ago.

Happy Weekend!