Books of the Week

Books of the Week – February 23, 2018

Early on Charlie and I established a rule that if Harriet brings a book to us, we read it. Obviously, there are exceptions if we are in the midst of cooking saganaki, but for the most part if those little feet bring us some literature, we stop what we are doing and engage. In fact, one of my biggest difficulties in not spending too much money on Harriet, is resisting every single book she shows interest in at Costco/Target/Anywhere. We joined our local library and it has not only saved us a TON of money, but we have found some real treasures. Plus, Harriet’s tastes are constantly changing. One week she will only want to read books about dinosaurs, and then a week later, don’t  you dare read a book that doesn’t include a car and a duck. Each week I will post our “Books of the Week” with our favorites from our weekly Library Trip!

When God Made You – This may be my new favorite book of all time. I heard about it from one of my favorite Instagrammers Mommas Gone City. There is SO much to love about this book. I think it is important to note that it is not necessarily religious per se. It is all about how the world needs this little girl, and how she was designed just as she is meant to be. I know I am entering the third trimester of emotion, but I think anyone would cry their first time reading this book. Also, Harriet sat and read the entire thing. The pictures are stunning.

Dance is for Everyone – Absolutely hysterical. An alligator joins a dance class and the kids are a little weery. Then they realize that alligators come with their own skills and embrace her for her talents! Hattie is very into dinosaurs, so this is a big hit right now.

My Heart Fills with Happiness – This book is so beautiful. It is very simple and touches on different things that fill the author/child with happiness. Such as dancing, singing, listening to stories… Then at the end it asks “What fills your heart with happiness?” I like to take that opportunity to talk to Harriet about different things that have happened throughout the day that have filled my heart with happiness. (Spoiler – Most involve her!) I look forward to when she can start talking more and tell me what fills her heart with happiness.

Big Cat – So our cat is definitely considered a “Big Cat.” He is seventeen pounds of pure fluff and sass and this book makes Harriet laugh out loud. It is very simple and I think more meant to be an early reader book. However, we enjoy pointing to the words and in my mind it is helping her learn to read… or torture the cat.

Nap Time for Kitty – Hello Genius books are consistently our favorite. Penguin Says Please and Bear Says Thank You are also big hits in our house. They’re very simple and have repetitive words. Hattie likes pointing to the animals and making their noises. With the Penguin book she learned how to say “please” and will now say “cheese PLEASE” in the cutest way.