So this happened today… (Retail Therapy)

The Bar exam is slowly eating away my body. I literally feel myself getting weaker. So in order to make sure I was physically still human I decided to go shopping. Reasonable, right? I set a strict budget (I have a “slushy fund” for days like this) and set off. On the list of things I “needed” – Skinny Belt and Faux Ray-Bans. (FTR I do not usually support faux anything other than fur, but with my record of sunglasses and the fact that I had a budget… they were going to be faux.)

And guess what? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Naturally I had to take a picture of the sunnies on before buying them so I could ask Meg her opinion. Anyway the cardigans were necessary because I collect cardigans. I also wear them, but seriously I have every color of the rainbow except red… and yellow. But that’s it!

The skinny belts are for a dress I just got off of e-bay!!! I am SO stinking excited for it to come in the mail and as soon as it does I will try it on with my new belts and show y’all. (I can do that, I went to school by Kentucky).

In the meantime, back to studying!