About Me


Welcome to P&C. A little place for some food and love.

Casually sitting in formal wear on Adirondack Chairs. A great glimpse into our every day life.

My family consists of Charlie (husband), Walter (cat), and Tucker (dog). We live outside of San Diego, California, where there is no winter and people apologize for temperatures under 65 degrees. Both Charlie and I are Midwestern transplants (you find a lot of those out here), and that will most likely come through in the amount of butter, sugar, and other carbohydrates used in P&C Recipes. If you like delicious (occasionally healthy) cooking, cute animals, funny stories, and an occasional attempt at home & fashion – this is your place.




P.S. If you have any questions/comments/concerns email me! prepandcircumstance[at]gmail.com

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