Yesterday and Tomorrow

After being in Florida last week, I am craving strawberry shortcake like woah. I think I need to figure out my own “take” on it.

I am sure everyone has already seen this. But on the off-chance you haven’t, and love Harry Potter and happiness – please click it. The original isn’t so bad either.

I finally finished those blasted Ritz crackers. Also my co-worker brought in chocolate chip cookie dough frosting, because everyone should have diabet-us.

I’m waiting for May Designs to have another sale so I can order our honeymoon journal. Have a sale already!

My Grandma gave me Grandpa’s shirt that I bought him in Italy. It smells like him, and is slowly taking over our closet. It makes so happy each time I open the doors. I want to preserve that smell forever. My mom gave me the idea of having it made into a pillow – possibly for a nursery… has anyone ever done this?

Sprouts strawberries are 88 cents for a pound. This is ridiculous. Also the perfect excuse for shortcake experimentation.

I have a huge crush on Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest. And by crush I mean I want to join her family for mealtimes.

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