Yesterday and Tomorrow

This past week I tried Pop Sugar’s Burn SF workout. If you need to find me, I’ll be bathing in ice.

Does anyone else think it is a terrible idea to wear a Hawaiian shirt in Trader Joe’s? To the man I asked about orzo. I am sorry.

Honeymoon shopping has been fun. I am working on building a “staples” group inspired by The Everygirl’s Capsule Wardrobe piece. Purchased this week… Birkenstocks, comfy walking shoes, and shirts.

Also on my honeymoon shopping list… Peshtemas. These blanket/towel/scarf hybrids are apparently up for anything you throw at them. I’m thinking red and green?

Berger Cookies. I will find you. I will replicate you. And I will gain 300 pounds. Watch out world. (Note to self: buy seat belt extender.)

We are trying Plated this week – cannot wait to report back on our feelings, thoughts, and belly reactions. (Note the hyperlink is a referral link.)

How are we so close to April? I swear being in San Diego removes all awareness of seasons/months.

I’m still in shock businesses no longer do 1-hour photo developing for film. It made me feel old and sympathetic to my grandparents.

Ending Note: I am really freaking excited for the Avengers. I’m not even ashamed. Counting down the days. Counting down the minutes.

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