Raining in style!


Raining in style!

Confession – This is actually a really sad post. It is in honor of the boots that never were. See, one day I was continuing my usual stalking of Sarah Vickers via Classy Girls Wear Pearls and I saw these. They were a combination of my two favorite things. Sperry and Quilt. (Top, third from the left). Therefore I had to have them. Naturally being the Budget Prep I am I sought the best deal and found them via Amazon/Shoebuy for $75 dollars. Win!

Unfortunately when they arrived I couldn’t my big old Johnson feet AND Nancy’s socks in the boots. And this just would not do. So I did what I’ve always dreaded doing… I ordered up a size, to an 11. Yikes! Sasquatch. Anyways, unfortunately when they came then they were too big. So in honor of the boots that never were I made a collection of the perfect way to dress up a rainy day.

Starting from the top upper-left-hand-corner.

The  Hunter Classic – Nothing is better, and I am pretty sure Ms. Middleton has been spotted wearing these, a lot. Also they have pint-sized versions for the children in your life that are worth $80 rain boots. All children.

The Burberry – I featured these twice. I have a severe unrequited love for Burberry. Nancy (my grandma) a few years ago non-chalantly handed down her vintage silk Burberry scarf to me… and I was hooked. Of course she also confessed at the same time that she had just thrown out her old Burberry Trench from the ’60s. Naturally, I died.

Sperry Hingham Boot – Described above. They have this delicious felt interior as well to keep my Chicago toes toasty.

(going clockwise…)

Tretorn Short – I LOVE Tretorn. Currently my rain boots are a bright-red-knee-high Tretorn and they are amazing. They also don’t cut off the circulation to my feet and I can fit in jeans/pants because of the adjustable sides.

Regardless, I secretly LOVE rainy days. Probably has something to do with being an April baby.

Happy Puddles!


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