Post Workout Recovery… or Chocolate Mousse

I dedicate this to my dear friend over at Meggabytes who is grappling with overcoming her fear of spandex and exercise. In support of her new dedication to spinning on a stationary bike for hours and not actually achieving any distance, I am giving her the recipe for my Mom’s Famous Chocolate Mousse! “But Amanda!” (you say) “That’s so cruel!!!” AHA! This is where you are wrong because where my $150,000 investment in law school may not have prepared me for the Bar Exam… it did prepare me to analyze everything to my benefit. Here we go…

Recent scientific studies have shown that drinking chocolate milk post-workout actually helps exercisers regain energy and build muscles. This is because of the protein ya-da ya-da ya-da. So here are my thoughts on this. Chocolate milk is what… milk, sugar, and chocolate. One of the biggest benefits of it is the protein… want to know what else has protein? Eggs. Want to know what has a lot of eggs as well as the majority of the aforementioned ingredients? Chocolate Mousse. Therefore, Chocolate Mousse is the perfect recovery snack.

Not convinced? Look at this…


Convinced now? I thought so…

Martha’s Chocolate Mousse

(so stinkin’ easy but super impressive looking with a little extra effort)


  • 2 2/3 c chocolate chips
  • 3/4 c sweet butter
  • 8 eggs separated (protein hey-yah)
  • 1/4 c sugar
  • 1 T cognac (uhh might want to skip out on this if actually eating post workout… or maybe get it on the side)
  • 1 t vanilla


  • Melt chocolate and sweet butter
  • Beat yolks (the yellow part of the egg) and sugar until a creamy yellow color
  • Beat whites (the non-yellow part of the egg) until stiff
  • Mix melted chocolatey goodness and vanilla with yellow-I-wouldn’t-eat-that-yet-mixture
  • Fold in stiff whites until you get lazy and then stir
  • Portion out accordingly
  • Put into refrigerator to chill for several hours or overnight.

Make it look impressive:

Whip up some homemade whipped cream. (Whipping Cream + Kitchen Aid) put into a frosting bag (or Ziploc bag with corner cut out). Right before serving drop some fresh raspberries on top of the mousse and then decorate the mousse and raspberries with the fresh whipped cream. This looks so impressive even Italians are amazed. Seriously, it happened.

So my dearest Meg, remember protein post-workout = good. Mousse = protein. Therefore, mousse post-workout = awesome.

Always looking out for you,


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