Dressing for warmth…

Dressing for warmth...

J Crew j crew coat

I am a weather addict. I love checking the weather, I love knowing the weather, and for one semester in college I even pretended to learn about the weather. (Cumulo…. Cumulo… Cumulo… Thunder.) Anyway, last night as I was heading up to Evanston for the evening I checked the weather (as usual) to see what coat I should sport. (I also have an addiction to outerwear). I looked at the weather… and the forecast for today was FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES. Translated into non-Chicagoan terms; pretty-freakin-warm. (Especially for January). So I gleefully threw on my Red J Crew Coat (which I got as a STEAL at a Black Friday sale two years ago) and headed outside.
Unfortunately, I had just checked the weather for today not last night… or this morning… which had a windchill of about -100 degrees. (Approximation). Needless to say by the time I got to my destination in Evanston my hands were frozen to my Whole Foods bag and the burgers inside had ice on them.
Lesson 1: always check the weather of the next day AND all of the hours you’ll be outside.
I got this Lands’ End Shimmer Down Coat for $60 – because I am a sale stalker and also Lands’ End has some of the best customer service I have ever heard of. (Ex. I called because I had paid $120 and it went on sale the next day… When I called a human picked up… Not after four menus… or punching zero until my finger bled… as soon as I dialed. I was totally shocked and she started laughing and said a lot of people have to call back because they aren’t ready and expect to have to wait for 15 minutes. Lesson 2: Lands’ End has the best customer service ever).
Anyway this is by far THE WARMEST jacket ever. It also resembles The North Face’s Arctic Parka… oh minus the $200 price difference. It has a fur hood, fur collar (both removable), and FLEECE POCKETS. Yes. You heard me… with little spaces to put handwarmers. Sigh. Those could have come in handy when I still had fingers. The jacket is currently on sale for $80 and I highly suggest investing in it… immediately.

2 thoughts on “Dressing for warmth…”

  1. Did you see my new red coat? It’s the first coat I’ve ever bought that’s not for looks instead of for warmth. Weird. I think that means I’m growing up or something, ugh.

  2. I purchased a red coat solely because of that scene in Love Actually with Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant. I figured this way I could land myself a Prime Minister.

    We should really stop growing up.

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